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"If you want to be successful, work on yourself more than your business." - Jim Rohn.

Everyone wants to succeed, but many people fail to fully discover the process that leads to success.  If you want help unlocking the secrets of success,  

We can help.

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Choose from one of our existing Seminars or contact John to request a custom Seminar developed specifically for your company or team.


  *  7 Success Killers and Their Cures  -  In this seminar, John identifies 7 potential pitfalls for personal success and how to overcome tendencies that tempt everyone.  (2 hour Seminar consisting of presentation followed by question/answer session)

  *  7 Affirmations of Action  - In this seminar, John explores 7 commitments of personal action that can take personal achievement to the next level.  (2 hour seminar consisting of presentation followed by question/answer session)

  *  7 Sales Formulas ...Not the Math You Grew Up On - In this seminar, John dives into 7 formulas that can make or break a successful sales or business endeavor.  (2 hour seminar consisting of presentation followed by question/answer session)

Seminars can be scheduled individually or as a planned series for a specific organization.  Discount rates available for multiple session booking.  Contact John using the Contact Form below to book your Seminar or request more information.  

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Dear Business Owners, Team Leaders, and Sales Managers, 

As a fellow business owner I understand the unique challenges that come with not only owning a successful business, but growing it.  I am a believer in the philosophy that in order for an organization to grow and thrive, the individual members of the organization must grow and thrive.  My goal is to help your individual members in an effort to help your larger organization find success.

One of the major challenges that business owners face is finding the time and resources necessary to adequately address the needs of individual team member development.  Our seminars are geared toward broad principle exploration with targeted personal application and that approach has proven to help individuals and the larger organization simultaneously. 


Another factor that is often challenging for business owners to overcome is getting all the team members to attend a development seminar.  We solve the location problem by coming to you.  


We can help grow your team members and thereby help grow your business.  Fill out the contact information below to start the conversation towards growing your business.   

All the best,

- John 

Contact John Walker Consulting for More Information:

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